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Special Discount for February

Steve Ridley is offering an special discount for the month of February. All new client will be given lessons at £32 an hour compared to the normal £40.

He is one of the countries leading advanced driver trainers. Specialising in Trainee Instructor Training and Instructor CPD training. He can also offer Fleet Training and Advanced Driver Training for non Instructors. Such as training for Diploma, Rospa and IAM qualifications. He’s a qualified mentor who will help you set up your own company while training to become a driving Instructor. Ask him how he will not tie you into a franchise unless you want to. He will help you  create a Business Plan and more.

Instructor Training and CPD

Steve is a Sole Trader not working for any Franchise so you will get is individual attention. He also offers business training to help you create a business plan to set up your company. Then after you have passed the instructor qualification he offers additional mentoring to help you build and develop your dream. 

Advanced Driver Training

Greenlight Training  also offers individual training to business’s wanting to offer thier staff Additional training.  So they can keep up to date with the changes in the law and become or remain safer drivers on the road. They also offer individual training to prepare the individual driver training to pass the Cardington Diploma in Advanced driving, The Rospa advanced driving Course or the Institute of Advanced Motoring Course

You can contact him via facebook by going to https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/steve.ridley.10aaaaa

0r email greenlighttraining390@gmail.com or text to 07510558720

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